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Nerivio™ - Device for Acute Migraine Treatment
Nerivio™ - Device for Acute Migraine Treatment
Nerivio™ - Device for Acute Migraine Treatment

Nerivio™ - Device for Acute Migraine Treatment

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“The Coolest Non-Drug Migraine Pain Relief Device in Hong Kong” – Nerivio

Main Features

☑ No Drugs

☑ No Injections

☑ FDA-authorized

☑ Clinically Proven Effective

☑ Compact and Light

☑ App-controlled; Easy-to-use

☑ 12 Treatments, 45 Minutes Each*

☑ 1-year Warranty Included

  • For migraine treatments in patients 12 years of age or older (works for adolescents!)
  • Includes a migraine diary in the companion app that helps log the migraine symptoms and frequency

User Manual for your further information and reference ( revision 1.10, January 2021)

*We encourages recycling!  After 12 treatments, you may enjoy a recycling discount off the next order upon returning the used device to us.

Contact us for more details!

A Game-Changing Technology – Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN)

When placed on upper arm and started, Nerivio emits nociceptive stimulation which will then travel from the upper arm through pain fibers to pain regulation centers in the brainstem.

The stimulation then activates descending serotonergic and noradrenergic pain inhibitory pathways and resultingly arrives the trigeminal cervical.

This chain of actions activates Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM) mechanism and results in a global pain relief effect that lasts beyond stimulation.

Backed by Clinical Studies

Various researches and studies had been conducted on the efficacy and safety of Nerivio, and proven that REN can provide clinically meaningful migraine pain relief in non-pharmacological way.  Tests included a double-blind and sham-controlled randomized study conducted at 5 Israel sites and 7 U.S. sites.  In conclusion, most participants who used the product achieved pain relief at 2 hours (around 66.7%).  37.4% achieved pain free.

Source: Yarnitsky, 2019

Nerivio has also been recently FDA-approved for effective and safe treatments in patients of 12 years of age or older.  If you wish to get more information about the studies and data, please do not hesitate to contact us.

FDA-authorized device

Important Safety Information

Nerivio should not be used by patients with congestive heart failure (CHF), severe cardiac or cerebrovascular disease, or uncontrolled epilepsy.  It should not be applied to people with active implanted medical device(s), such as a pacemaker, hearing aid implant, or any implanted electronic device.  For full use instructions and safety information, please refer to the Nerivio User Manual.

“One of the Most Disturbing and Common Health Problems in Hong Kong: Migraine “

Prevalence of Migraine Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, around five in every hundreds of people got migraine problems.  When migraine attacks, migraineurs would suffer from great headache pain which severely limit their daily activities and capacity to work.  For more serious cases, patients would have to be restrained from any actions and require immediate rest.

Remedies of Migraine Hong Kong

There is no complete cure for migraine at present.  Currently, the most commonly used methods for migraine pain relief are taking of drugs e.g. pain killers and triptans, and injections.  However, all the afore-mentioned will not bring permanent relief and requires repetitive prescription whenever migraine attacks again.  Their dosage has to be very carefully controlled or otherwise may lead to medication overuse headache.

About Nerivio Hong Kong

EKPAC Healthcare is the officially authorized Nerivio Hong Kong distributor.  With the goal to bring an alternate solution to migraine suffers struggling between severe headache pain and long-term reliance on pain killers, EKPAC has introduced the latest health tech device from Israel to offer migraine pain relief in drugless and non-invasive way.  We wish to help migraineurs be free from the suffering in a safe and convenient mean and to regain their normal lives.

Nerivio™ - Device for Acute Migraine Treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product

It significantly reduced my migraine when I used it. Wonderful!
Hope it's rechargeable tho. Overall speaking, I love it.

worth the buy

As a long-time sufferer of migraine, this device helped me a lot. Surely worth the purchase!

Killed my headache pain in seconds

I have been suffering from migraine for years so I decided to try this product out.
It turns out helpful! My headache vanished after seconds I started the treatment. It's amazing!
It is indeed more expensive than my pain killers but it is really effective. Didn't believe that pain relief can be achieved without medications until I tried.
Will buy another one when there is new discount!

Works for me

I've been using the Nerivio with some good results. My setting is around 50-60% each time.