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UPRIGHT GO 2™️ Smart Posture Corrector
UPRIGHT GO 2™️ Smart Posture Corrector
UPRIGHT GO 2™️ Smart Posture Corrector

UPRIGHT GO 2™️ Smart Posture Corrector

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“The Smartest Mobile-Controlled Posture Corrector” – Upright GO 2 Hong Kong

Upright GO 2 Main Features:

☑ Biofeedback Technology

☑ 2 Modes: Training and Tracking

☑ In Training Mode: Gently Vibrates if Poor Posture is Detected

☑ Builds Healthy Posture Habits in 2 Weeks

☑ Pairs with Companion App to Offer Customized Training

☑ Tiny and Handy

☑ Comfortable – Wear All Day Long!

☑ Runs Approximately 30 Hours after Each Complete Charging

☑ 1-year Warranty Included

  • Simple to use and the personalized training plan is tailor-made for you for best results
  • Can be used by sticking it to the back with adhesive strips (included in the box) or worn attached to a necklace (available in this website – add it to your cart now!) that is magnetically fastened

Upright GO 2 HK Products Are Backed by Scientific Studies

The Upright GO 2 is designed based on biofeedback and behavioral science which has been studied over years and proven effective for postural training. It helps remind you to keep up a nice posture for providing better spinal support to your body.

How Does Upright GO 2 (Hong Kong) Work?

The device comes alongside with a free companion app. You shall download the app from app-store to operate and control your Upright GO 2. It offers two modes for users to choose: Training and Tracking. 

In Training mode, a customized plan will be set up for you after you have completed a set of questions in the app. It encourages you to hold the proper posture for a certain amount of time (varies according to individuals) every day and meanwhile increasing the required duration daily to gradually raise the training intensity. When the device is switched at the Training mode, it will keep tracking your posture and gently vibrate to remind you to stay upright once you slouch. The constant reminders are absolutely helpful for building up better posture habits. Many Upright GO 2 HK customers see results in 2 weeks!

When you are tired of the training, you may also switch it to Tracking mode which the device will continue to trace your posture status and record it in the app. You may use it to measure your results and notice how much your posture has been improved over time.

Why Choose Upright GO 2 Hong Kong Products?

Let’s be honest – traditional posture correctors which physically open up your chest and keep your upper back straight may also achieve results but NEVER in a comfortable way.  You may also slouch again like before once you take them off. It does not sound like a sustainable idea to wear them 24 hours every day.

This is why we have brought the Upright GO 2 to Hong Kong.  With this smart device, not only is it comfortable enough for you to wear all-day-long, it helps you actually build the habit to maintain a good posture every second and trains you to keep your chest up. That, we consider, is a more long-lasting solution for postural issues.

“Upright GO 2 HK Products help you look and live better”

About Upright GO 2 Hong Kong Products

EKPAC Healthcare is one of the official Upright GO 2 Hong Kong distributors. We always strive to find the best health gadgets over the world that help individuals live healthier and happier, and introduce them to our customers for best wellness. 

Great things start from small. Obtaining better posture with Upright GO 2 HK products will help you get rid of spinal issues caused by bad posture, and in return, regain your life in shine! 

UPRIGHT GO 2™️ Smart Posture Corrector

Customer Reviews

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I have been suffering from bad back pain. I was recommended by my cousin to try this product. Hopefully a good posture can help reduce my pain!


平時有用開姿勢矯正帶, 但一出汗焗住就好辛苦
真心輕好多, 同埋原來個vibration可以自己揀點震

convenient and useful

the device is small and light.
looking forward to the results.