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A Chic Way to Keep Your Body Straight” – Upright GO Hong Kong Products

The Science Behind the Tiny Device: Biofeedback

Biofeedback is a technique that connects the mind and body. By using sensors to track and measure body postures and offering instant feedback (In Upright GO HK’s case, it is the mild vibration at your back), it helps train your mind to gain control over your body and reminds you to stay upright.

Prevalence of Back Issues in Hong Kong

Back problems are very common health issues among Hong Kong people, especially low back pain.  Around 60-80% of the Hong Kong population are affected by this issue at certain stages of their lives.

Scoliosis is another commonly faced spine problem. It is a deformity of the spinal column, which has a very high occurring rate in females and during puberty. In severe cases, scoliosis may result in huge back pain and deteriorated respiratory functions.

Importance of Good Posture

Back issues can lead to many adverse effects on the body and affect people’s quality of life badly.  People suffering from the pain may not be able to sit, stand, or walk as they normally do. The pain would hinder them carrying out daily activities, and for cases, may result in psychological issues.

Prevention always works better than treatment. It is always best to prevent the problem from occurring than to cure it. Therefore, it is highly recommended to try staying away from back issues.

There could be many factors leading to spine problems. One of them is constantly keeping in a poor posture. That would weaken the muscles around and create a great pressure to the spine column.  The ultimate solution is to build up a healthy posture habit. Upright GO HK products are probably the best choice available.

Upright GO HK is compact and light.

“Upright GO Hong Kong Products: Best Companion to Help Build a Nice Posture”

Upright GO is designed to offer the best back health solution to people based on biofeedback and behavioral science. Instead of simply relieving the pain, it helps people be truly free from back pain and other relevant back health issues by dealing with the root cause – bad postures.  Users of this innovative device have reported looking better, having less pain, and feeling healthier and happier.

Give it a try! We have promising results! – Upright GO Hong Kong Products

Lots of clinical studies have been conducted to investigate the effectiveness of biofeedback science, and it is proven helpful in regard to postural training and maintaining good spinal health.  65% of Upright GO’s users reported having improved sitting discomfort, and 46% reported with pain reduction after completing training with the device.

We hence could proudly say, the entry of Upright GO into Hong Kong is definitely one of the best news for back pain sufferers in this city.