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Brain Secrets Uncovered -- Hey, Pain Could Be Just A “Lie”!

- How Nerivio Helps “Cheat” Your Brain!

Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM), is one of our neural system mechanisms to control pain. CPM is an endogenous descending pain inhibition mechanism, located in the brain stem which is a critical area for nociception and pain processing.

In essence, the brain stem is capable of “deciding” that a certain painful stimulus is not essential and does not represent a real threat. This “decision” results with the increased released of certain substances – neurotransmitters – that flow down the neural system and are capable of aborting the pain by blocking the nociceptive messages from propagating up the neural system.

CPM is an endogenous mechanism, but in many people suffering from certain neurological diseases it is deficient and is not “triggered” when it should have.

Nerivio is thereby designed to deploy a novel technique Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) which stimulates the upper arm peripheral nerves to induce CPM that has a global impact over the entire body.

The stimulus from Nerivio applies a specific electrical waveform especially engineered to recruit many nociceptive nerve fibers, i.e. nerve fibers, whose purpose is to propagate painful messages. When these messages are received in the brain stem, they have a high probability to trigger the CPM – and abort the original pain.

To sum up, our body naturally possesses the ability to block pain signals which the brain has diagnosed as “unreal threat”.  The “magic” of Nerivio is to stimulate and trigger this natural body mechanism to function and save us from the horrible migraine pain.

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