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[What Edwin Says] Another Authentic Review from HK YouTuber Edwin H.!

Edwin H. is a renowned Hong Kong YouTuber who creates lots of authentic and entertaining videos on latest technology and gadgets.

Check out how he thinks about Upright GO 2 and Nerivio!

Feel free to contact us to learn more about the devices if you have any questions!

Our Drug-free Migraine Relief Device Got Covered in Local Magazine!

Editor from Southside and Sai Kung has tried out our novel device and recommended in the April 2021 issues!

/The machine works via an app and can even tracks your migraines to help detect any possible triggers/

Read the detailed article in the following link:
Southside, Apr 2021 (p.4)
Sai Kung, Apr 2021 (p.4)

Brain Secrets Uncovered -- Hey, Pain Could Be Just A “Lie”!

- How Nerivio Helps “Cheat” Your Brain!

Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM), is one of our neural system mechanisms to control pain. CPM is an endogenous descending pain inhibition mechanism, located in the brain stem which is a critical area for nociception and pain processing.

In essence, the brain stem is capable of “deciding” that a certain painful stimulus is not essential and does not represent a real threat. This “decision” results with the increased released of certain substances – neurotransmitters – that flow down the neural system and are capable of aborting the pain by blocking the nociceptive messages from...

Remote Electrical Neuromodulation - Science Behind the Migraine Relief Device

Explain to you how the device works in one minute! Clinically proven and FDA-approved.

How to Use the Migraine Relief Device?

This video shows you how to operate the device -- only a few steps!  Simple and easy!

Don't worry if you encounter any difficulties using it.  Feel free to drop us a  message (How? Check out our bottom left button!) anytime and we will soon get back to you.